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Thursday, November 18, 2004


When Doves Cry...and sometimes shit...

Nothing has really been up with the master lately. Thanksgiving is on the way and since I am not going home, I am attending a dinner elsewhere. Bryn and I are going to be doing the whole Thanksgiving thing at the house of a woman from our Writing Well class named Phyllis...well, technically it's not her house, it's her sister's. She invited us anyway. Phyllis is a forty-six year-old black woman with braces who Bryn and I have taken a liking to. And for whatever reason, she's taken a liking to us. Anyway, that should prove to be a fun event and I will post to let you know how it goes. But her sister already bought me a tofurkey...so it's obviously gonna be on like a condom.
Well, I wish I had something exciting to say, but I don't. City life is supposed to be exciting, but it's not. I'm supposed to go crazy and be a wild college student, but I can't. Nothing seems to be working the way it should. However, my EPI Synthesis class is having our performance on December 14th. That should be exciting. All I know is that we're starting off our performance in the dark...and we're gonna be on the floor holding hands in a circle...and we're gonna sing and throw up the invisible ball of energy with our voices. Jeez, the joy of going to a hippy school.

"invisible ball of energy..." haha. that is so great, and by great i mean lame.
i know what you mean about college not being like you thought, my biggest quesition is 'why do i still have my v-card?' see you tomorrow for dinner!
Hey I've heard about that Tofurky stuff. I tried to get my dad to get me one for Thanksgiving, but he wasn't into that. Very disappointing.
I don't have anything to say, just wanted to see my words on your blog! Tell the peopple about your tofurkey, sweetie...
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