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Monday, November 08, 2004


We've done it now...

Oh my God. Our lives are over. Half of this country elected that asshole into office again....I can't believe it...I don't understand...what? Why? How come? Why come? I just don't get it.
But fear not, my friends. We will fight, we will uprise, and we will be victorious. Because Jill is starting the revolution and it WILL be televised. So here's the plan, we MUST get rid of Republicans...we MUST!
1. We take away their KFC!
2. We take away their Montel Williams Show
3. We take away their Casual Corner
4. We take away their TBS
5. We take away their Toby Keith
6. We take away their re-runs of "Cheaters"
7. We take away their O'Reilly Factor
8. We take away their Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts...
That's all it's gonna take, pals, and we've got it won!
Jeez...I don't what to say. We're screwed...but here's one uplifting thought in a sea of negativity-No wait....there's nothing.

God, I hate Casual Corner. It gets the puddle face.

Hey I resent that! My mom has a Winnie the Poo sweatshirt, and she's not a Republican. She has several in fact. I think that comment is unfair to middle aged women who still enjoy donning their Disney attire.
first of all, i'm really sorry about your mom and those winnie shirts. you know shes a dyke, right? secondly--my mom likes the casual corner, and (surprise surprise)she is a republican. not because she believes in bush, but shes really glad that bc we went over there, they get christian tv??? ---caroline
wait, jill, your revolution doesn't include:
1) getting arrested for no, i repeat NO reason.
2) spewing dogma that is completely unrelated to real life
3) making fun of cops
4) thinking your better then everyone
5) saying you don't think your better then everyone, while secretly thinking you are.
6) and of course i don't see anything in your plan that includes alienating white people.
so how you going to start a revolution? huh?
Wow, Christian TV. Cause ya know, when you're living in the shadow of a brutal dictatorship, all you really need is Jesus.
Those rules sound kind of like Republican rules actually. That might not work. :/ Oh except for that making fun of cops thing. That's just kind of funny. oh and of course, instead of alienating white people, the Republican rule would be to alienate everyone who's NOT white, and straight, and Protestant, and male.
Oh sweetie, sometimes you can be so negative. Just like our president says, everything would be fine if you poor people would just get a degree. Now, he has a plan-why the hell can't you whining young folks just get with the program?! Besides, there's not gonna be a revolution, cause there not gonna be a future...

Have a good day young people!

P.S. Is it safe to say I'm not getting a Pooh sweatshirt for Christmas?
first of all anonymous poster with the :/ face thing happening. learn to take a joke. my rules are based on Jill and my school companions who are stupid and want to start a revolution, but are too dogmatic and crazy to appeal to anyone. I wasn't being serious, so get over yourself. secondly if the republicans alienate everyone but white-strait-men, how come they won the election?
now be a good little anonymous poster and go look up sarcasm in a dictionary.
Jill i finally know why you are so awesome! it's because your mom is so dam awesome. now we just have to figure out how i got to be so awesome.
Actually my friend, I was being sarcastic as well. :/
well lets hope you are being sarcastic about the "my friend" thing too. now go look up funny in the dictionary, and get back to me.
hmmm...i guess it is hard to pick up sarcasm on the internet. pretty ironic though that you got all crazy because you misinterpreted the same kind of sarcasm that you THOUGHT i was misinterpreting from you. no need for all of the hostility though. it's pretty rude to start confrontations on other people's blogs don't you think? Caroline, I hope you didn't misinterpret my Jesus comment the same way this person misinterpreted my dig on Republicans. :)Ok well it wasn't really a misinterpretation. can't resist an opportunity to get in a little anti-Republican comment. don't take it soooo seriously though. i wasn't trying to be confrontational. jeez.
actually i started the confrontation because jill told me she loves it when people get into fights in her journal (and i like making jill happy). i don't have any hard feelings, i just like being a bitch.
Um...I typically meant people that I don't know, as in last blog's showdown with random guy who thought I meant that I was upset that in the "Passion of the Christ" they killed Jesus instead of me being upset that the movie gave some woman a heart attack if anyone remembers that. I didn't mean to have this huge sarcasm battle in my comments box between people I think I know. Instead, I like when people attack ME and what I have to say. SO everyone just go find a kazoo to hum into and we'll end this madness.
well i'm glad we got that sorted out. i like making jill happy too. :)
I'm a happy girl...
mission acomplished?
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