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Thursday, November 11, 2004


TV, I love thee...

This is a TV update because I haven't talked about television in a long time, and since pop culture is my life and my purpose, I must deliver.
Surreal Life....I'll miss you so much. I love everyone...Charo (my favorite), Brigitte, Flavor, Jordan,Dave...wait, I'm sorry. I forgot that I hate that bitch on wheels, Ryan Starr. Anyone else want her wiped off the planet? But anyway, I recently found out that Brigitte and Flav are still together and are coming out with a VH1 reality show called "Strange Love." I will watch. I will be addicted. I will love it so much I will become pregnant.
"Desperate Housewives"....what a yummy hour of unrealistic drama and romping! I love Bree more than I love my uterus and I can't wait until she discovers her husband is gay! Oh, the drama will unfold, unravel, un-everything.
Battle of the Sexes...hmmm.....I'm not impressed. Not even with Coral...yes, I know. It is a sad day.
Well, it's raining here in beautiful San Francisco, therefore the streets smell of urine and Indonesian food. And let me tell you, folks, that is quite the concoction.

It's Veteran's Day so I have no class. I decided that it's the perfect time to do my laundry. I've only done it three times since I left home over three months ago, and so I guess it's a little past due.
Well..that's a wrap, I guess.

It sure is a lot of folks in town for this Auburn-Georgia game-I don't know if I'm gonna make it. I'm just about crazy thinking about Saturday-what the hell was the topic?

Be safe sweetie! Oh, and come home tomorrow-we'll have New China. Do you remember when the guy, who was the cook, went into the dirty little bathroom, coughing all the while, and then came out and cooked our food-he ran no water in there-remember? Boy, it was good that day!
hey jill, i'm sitting in a little cafe by my house and you'll never guess who just came in... it was mystery man/h-bomb!! ha. i think it took a second for him to recognize me because you weren't sitting right next to me. oh man is he hot. i wonder if he lives in the neighborhood, now i can start stocking him. yes!

I hope you have a happy thanksgiving! I'm living bumfuck to go to Boston to visit renee frojo. but anywho..enough about me!

I'm feeling the same way about battle of the sexes. However, someone really surprised me. At first I hated her, and was boggled by her race....but now I love her! she just might be the new coral. Can you guess who it is? ITS TINA GOD DAMN IT! She is soo fuckin funny. What is she? Black, white, hispanic...indian perhaps?! I've come to the conclusion she is Pangea. Yes that is right..the combination of all the continents before the big bang. She is urban, yet white, she is a stingy asian, yet balck. What is she? The badest bitch to ever hit a challenge..and I love it. I'm gonna end this with her words. "Yeepee kiiiiieeeeeh muthafuckas!"
Damn...she is worth watching the show
I agree with you, Shiv. Tina is definitely steppin' up this season and she is definitely...well, raceless. But I've seen a couple of episodes since I wrote this post and I must say that Coral is getting to be a little more like the Coral I love now that her little boyfriend is gone. Thank God.
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