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The Orange Kazoo : Thank God for Thanksgiving!!! Mosucka!!!

Monday, November 29, 2004


Thank God for Thanksgiving!!! Mosucka!!!

Woo! Woo-Woo (David from Real World:New Orleans style)! Yeah! Who's Thanksgiving was off the chain? This girl's! Phyllis and her sisters proved to be awesome. I just attempted to type a paragraph about it but had to backspace because I really can't capture the essence of why it was too hot to trot. But just know this: TOFURKEY IS HORRRRRRRRRIBLE.
Due to recent drama in da club, my mood had been a bit off kilter, but I'm back to normal now, which is good since this is going to be a very busy week for me. So what I'm basically saying is that I'm supposed to be typing an essay right now and I got a lot of work to do before Thursday, so consider this a farewell for the week.

I like how you incorporated real world into this post..that way I can spin it off into a tangent about the battle of the sexes. I'm sorry but it is good..I mean who actually watches the show for the challenges? NO ONE! Its the drama that counts! I especially like the female voting going about. Its leaving me to wonder..are the newbies taking over? I mean MIKE LEAVING! LOSING! WTF is going on! Thank god rachel is gone..and have you noticed veronica's "Lesbian" shirt..its it true? or just false advertising? However, I'm displeased with the boy voting off deal. It seems just too easy for them..especially since that really christian guy volunteered to go..wheres the drama in that? Either way..I'm pleased with the show...especially since the "new coral" tina keeps me laughing...I'm liking the whole newbie takeover..because I'm sorry jill but people like eric and mark just need to go..their 5 minutes of fame have long been over.
ttyl...hope you are having a kickass time in san fran
i know what you mean about not being able to capture the glory of thanksgiving. only we will truly know the awesomeness that that dinner held. and yes tofurky is gross, so so very gross.
one day till your birthday! woot.
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