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The Orange Kazoo : Halloween...or Not

Monday, November 01, 2004


Halloween...or Not

Let me start off by saying that last week, I passed a homeless man and gave him some of my spare change. He said, "Aww, you're damn pretty too!" and shook and kissed my hand for an extended period of time. Um...hmmm....what to say about this....I LOVED IT! I went up to my room and had wet dreams galore! Damn, I hope I run into him again.
Anyway, on Saturday, I spent a good solid hour preparing my costume-and part of Friday too since I shaved my head for more of a realistic view of a smoker-and the result was truly frightening. I know this because Myuko came in our room and screamed when she saw me. Maybe it was because I was sitting on the bed in white face with gauze and tape on my neck, but maybe not, you never really know.
But anyway, the party was...bad. There were hardly any New College people there, but there was this one guy who talked about why he wouldn't be monogamous-he was in his sixties. Then there was this guy who stole my position as the token black person-actually, no, there were several black people there-and he was weird. I didn't understand anything he said and it was annoying. Then there was this girl who was dressed as an elf and went on and on about how elves were tall...which makes no sense to me. Lord of the Rings is ruining my childhood.
SO that was the party pretty much. After that, me, Bryn, and this woman from my EPI class named Mary went to a diner and there I witnessed something that changed my life forever. THE WORST BREAKFAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Behind us there was this group of three sitting in a booth. They didn't talk to one another the entire time we were there. There was one Asian guy who looked angry and lost and didn't make eye contact with anyone at the table once. Then there was this girl who eventually just gave up and put her head face down on the table. Then there was a guy who smiled to himself the entire time as if this Worst Breakfast Ever wasn't really happening to him, but in case it was he had to recite a joke to himself over and over in his head. I didn't understand how or why they knew each other, what made them decide to go out to an early breakfast together, and why they wouldn't just call it quits and leave. Anyway, they were quite a sight to see and well worth the torment of the party.
However, today is starting out to be a bad day. Bryn had already told off a pigeon, stared down a guy in BART for staring at HER, and said, "I couldn't join a gang because I don't like people enough." And I'm not much better. Maybe it will improve. But there's your update, mosuckas.

You shaved your head? As in really shaved your head? If that is true, then I am very disappointed. You know I always wanted the Jill-fro to make a comeback.
I applaud your head-shaving for the sake of a Halloween costume. Now that's dedication. And really, I'd say anything to argue with Elise. Plus everyone knows that smoking causes female baldness.
It was for the chemotherapy....you dig? Not for female baldness! But it WAS awesome....
I know you looked pretty for Halloween-I remember when you had only fuzz on your head as a baby, and you were so cute-and jolly-and fat. Did you look like you did when you were about 2 months old?

It's election day, and I passed a couple of students with a Republican sign on the corner, and when I passed they threw up a thumbs up sign, I threw up a findger sign of my own-you know me, always trying to make friends...
well jill it looks like it is time to start the revolution. lets go kick some ass.
I don't know if you actually shaved your head; but if so, it's probably cute. You can't lose with a face like yours. This is your anonymous godmother. I suppose this is the best way to communicate with you these days--so independent and unwilling to answer your phone...geez. Will you be coming to spend any time with us this month? What about for your birthday? We'll come and get you.
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