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The Orange Kazoo : Muenster Mash

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Muenster Mash

Today was just another day. Lots of homeless people, lots of anger, lots of apple juice.
I think that I might be losing a little piece of my mind each day though. This morning I decided to really terrify Myuko. So I set up this picnic on my bed with this picnic set my aunt gave me. I proceded in cutting myself slices of muenster cheese until she woke up, and when she did, I sat and stared at her while clutching the knife and wearing a bemused smile.
The other day I was in the bathroom after just taking a shower and the mirror was all fogged up. I knew she would need to get in our bathroom as soon as I got out so I wrote "Hi, Yuka," on the mirror. She gave a little scream when she saw it. This is what I live for now people. I'm a low-budget Ashton Kutcher on estrogen.
I watched the preview for the new Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes. Damn! I cannot wait. Everyone knows that I heart Coral...and she's back! Look for posts on this in the future.
I also caught the first episode of ABC's Desperate Housewives. Deliciously corny. I will be watching it in the future only because I am now wrapped up in the lack of plot and ultra-subtle one-liners.
Over and out.

You know what's really scary is when I'm calling your room and I don't know if Yuka is gonna answer or not-so many times I contemplate hanging up, cause I don't want to hear "Oh, Jiiil-uh, she's out..". She ain't out, I hear her in the background-learn the language or stop picking up the damn phone! You just start putting evil, satanic messages on the mirror, or something like all prostitutes will eventually turn purple...
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