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Wednesday, October 13, 2004



Oh boy. It's been awhile, readers-a loooong while. But I've been sick recently. On an outing last Friday or so, I decided that I just HAD to have some Chinese food...not Indonesian, Burmese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or whatever else San Francisco offers. I wanted Chinese. So I went to this place and ordered something with broccoli to go and they gave it to me, I paid, then left, and set off to the abby to get my grub on. As I sat on my bed in preparation to the opening of my styrofoam joy, I sent up a little thanks to God for my luck in having finally found a regular Chinese restaurant. I opened it only to find some unidentifiable green shit and white rice surrounded by a moat of seafood sauce-I think. Dear God, it was so bad I even sent a picture of it on my phone to my mother. Ugh. I spent the next two days vomiting like I was pregnant with death.
Anyway, besides that nothing much has happened. I watched the new Battle of the Sexes and it was good....very good. Coral...I love thee so.

Why did you eat it if it looked so gross?
Man, it was expensive.
You know what Jill-you've eaten worse! Remember when Donald wanted to expand his horizons and cook up that eggplant, and Chris was hardly old enough to talk, but he tasted it and screwed up his face and said "Yuck!" so very clearly.

Oh yeah, and remember when you went to the cook out at the Kirks down the street and you had that salad with mandarin oranges? I'm actually quite thankful for that potato salad becuase I have still have the arm muscles from lifting the fork to my mouth.

But actually, after looking at that picture again of the food-it did look like the worst thing ever.
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