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Friday, September 03, 2004



So much to say. I have to break it up into more than one post. But just so you know what's coming or if I forget anything, remember these topics:
1. The Urban Kazoo Master goes to get a psychic reading.
2. The Urban Kazoo Master takes the bus for the first time.
3. Myuko goes to a party and also mysteriously leaves at exactly the same time of night again...hmm...
4. Elementary school kids

In this post I'll talk about the bus. So myself and friend Bryn went to the movies today. To get there we had to take the bus. There were no seats left so we just clung to the metal bars overhead. Well, at first there's this great woman with schizophrenia who was having a very disturbing argument with herself. Before today I had never seen anyone tell themself off before.
Then a man with a cane got on the bus and sat next to these two elderly Asian women who were in deep conversation. Evrey once in awhile he'd say things to them in English like, "Wow, you ladies sure can talk!" And, "Well aren't you gonna insult each other?" But the best part is when he looks at them with this straight face and says, "You ladies going to the beach?" God, I fell in love with this man. He was hysterical. Eventually one of the ladies got up to leave the bus and the man offered his sympathy to the other woman with, "Well, maybe I can talk to you instead." However, another Asian lady got on and instead he asked her to make conversation with the other so she wouldn't get lonely. Well, our stop came and I didn't have time to propose to the man before we exited. But he'll be in my heart.

Jill, I'm so happy for you. I know how you love you some crazy folks. That post reminds me of that time you, Conor, and I were in the mall and we saw that giant drop of blood and that crazy old man told you to go beat it up. And he kept asking Conor if he was a boy or a girl. And he lectured us about WWII, and about how he was in "the mill (?)" at the time. Good times, good times. This comment is way too long. Oh well.
you don't need new breasts.
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