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The Orange Kazoo : Sorry

Monday, September 06, 2004



Sorry for the delay, guys...but I decided it was in my best interest to enjoy the room while Myuko was gone. So I stayed in my room the past couple of days.
Anyway, I'll tell you about going to see the psychic now. SO Bryn and I decided that after seeing "Garden State" we wanted to go to a psychic. She had some kind of ten dollar special or something going on. I decided to get the special in which you got to ask the psychic three questions.
Anyway, to sum this up, she said I had lots of jealous people around me, I'd do very, very well in my career, and I was on the right track romantically. WOW. Congrats to me. This psychic, who sort of resembled Jennifer Lopez-yes, as in the days before she was J-Lo-was so vague. That reading could apply to anyone. Next time I'll just give my money to the homeless guy by the mall who tells your fortune for a dollar.

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