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Monday, September 13, 2004

Sorry! I've been so busy! Since the last time I've had many classes at New College. Some of them I like, some of them I'm just a bit too much of a hippycrite for, you know?
But let me tell you about this concert. Michael Franks rocked my planet yesterday! That man is so gorgeous and old...and awesome. Just the thought of him makes me want to go by The Leather Tongue-a pronographic video store down the street from my school.
We spent the entire day up there and since it was an outdoor concert, of course, I'm majorly sunburned. You see, I refuse to wear sunscreen because it's just wrong, man. I'm black for Christ's sake...it SHOULD be one the benefits, right? We've got the ability to dance, our thug culture, Tiger Woods, fried chicken, and the ability to be out in the sun as much as we freaking want. None of those are stereotypes!!! Jeez...
I helped a homeless man celebrate his birthday last week. He was turning sixty and we were talking about it and we sang him "Happy Birthday" together. I gave him a dollar and he asked me for two or three more. It ruined the mood.
I hit someone yesterday. I'm bashful to admit this, but it's true. Yesterday at the concert, Kim and I were bringing our outdoor concert gear back to her car. It was very heavy and we had a long way to go and it was hot and I was sunburned and I hate this city so I was angry already. Then this woman starts dancing to the sounds of Chaka Khan on stage with her husband and was completely blocking the sidewalk. In my frustration, I jabbed her in the ass with the lawn chair I was holding. I know...I know...but she had a huge ass so I don't think she felt it anyway.
Oh...I finally validated my point about the "Real World" by watching the intro episode. It's worse than I thought. Why do they keep getting these generic black chicks with white boyfriends back at home who eventually cheat with someone in the house? Why? But I missed the "Surreal Life" and I'm feeling empty inside. What's a week without Charo? A bad week, that's what.

Charo got very little screen time on The Surreal Life--it was Brigitte and Flava humping in the pool and Ryan acting like a total bitch.

I say this every season, but I think I might LIKE the Real World in Philly. Give me a few episodes to start hating some folks, though. It's inevitable.

The best part about watching Real World is hating the cast.
Gosh, I would have killed to see MICHAEL! What songs did he play? Anything new? Please Please Please tell me he sang Popsicle Toes.... or Eggplant, at least! That man is such a dreamboat daddy. I must go put on my (adopted/stolen) copy of A Backward Glance and touch myself.

Flavor Flav is hilarious! I had no idea, this guy is a comic book character come to life. I agree with the other post, I didn't know who Ryan was prior to this show, but what a Bitch!! I really hope her 15 minutes are up after this show is over. She's such a drain on the whole surreal house.
I agree Jones, the season might be ok. It's just the most cliche I think it's ever been. But there's a lot of eye candy and there should be some pretty good fights.
Padre, he sang Popsicle Toes and Eggplant. I got lots of pictures for you and recorded part of Eggplant for you on my phone!
Flava Flav is an icon (emphasis on con). He and the Brit are a great couple!
I saw a homeless guy in Atlanta and Rivers took a picture of him. He didn't ask us for money though.
I missed the first episode of The Real World, and I think I may just skip out on this entire season.
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