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The Orange Kazoo : Myuko Rocks My Sox!

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Myuko Rocks My Sox!

First I have a spelling correction. I think you spell it "Myuko", but I'm still not sure. Anyway...let me update you like I said I would.
Ok, so after updating the blog, I had to get out of this place, so I walked downtown a bit. Bought some thumb tacks (to help decorate my room), saw a man get beaten up by a homeless man with a fierce cane swoop, and I bought some books from a lady who could barely put down her hacky sack long enought to help me. Then I went downstairs and read awhile. That's when I ran into Bryn-remember her from New College Orientation? Well, I hung out with her awhile and she convinced me that all would be alright in the end. I offered her a Juice Squeeze-my California obsession-and went up to the room to get a couple. That's when I had my first minor...wait, I'm boring you to death I'm sure because I'm boring my OWN self to death. Let's just get down to it, shall we? Myuko is AWESOME! She barely speaks any English so she says all these great things.
For example, at like 11 o'clock last night, she told me she was going running, and I was like, "Myuko, you're going running at ll?" And then she laughed and laughed and typed something into her hand-held computer translator and said, "Oh no. I go leaving." And then she laughed and left for nearly an hour. She then returned and took a shower (which she called a bath) and headed to bed. But God....the things this girl said! I'll never be able to make you understand. But I did find out that Myuko is 22 and she arrived in America last week. She's also enrolled in a school here to learn English and she'll be my roomate for 2 months. I looooove her. This morning she was even kind enough to bring me a banana from breakfast. I also think she might be sleeping with the night-shift deskman, but I've yet to confirm that. I just know he calls her at all times of the day and she leaves the room at weird times. I will do some detective work and update on this later. But I wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kazooin'.

wow. you know the only reason i like this story is because i'm obsessed with asians.

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