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The Orange Kazoo : First Day at a New College!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


First Day at a New College!

So yesterday I couldn't post because it was my first day at New College. I had class from 10-1 and then another one from 3-6. Yes, that's right. Three hour classes. The first one was this essay-writing class that will not be fun in the slightest. The second one, however, was EPI Synthesis, which was the best class I've ever had in my entire life. We danced, we did some improv, we got in touch with each other's energies. It was wild. I want to make out with everyone in there.
Anyway, I'm going to see Michael Franks in concert this weekend! If you don't know who that is, I suggest you check this out... http://www.michaelfranks.com He's the ultimate in Caucasian male sexual innuendos. This man is a crooner with nice pecs-even in his 60's. So take that Justin Timbersuck. I just sounded like an eighth-grade mini goth, didn't I?
Well, the new season of Real World has begun, and since I was previously a master in the subject, I guess I'm supposed to offer my opinion. I believe it takes place in Genericville. There isn't one distiguishable person in the house-except for the black guy. And Real World finally took the advice I always give and went back to getting a black guy for everyone to hate. What's a season without one? I hate it anyway.
However, The Surreal Life is blowing my mind. Charo, Flava Flav, and Brigitte Nielson all in one house. I'm in love! Catch an episode...you'll be doing your mind a favor.
San Fran is not impressing me these days. It's making me a racist and its theme song should be, "We Built This City on Burritos and Crime." If I don't want to get high or go clubbin', my only option is to stay in my room. Speaking of which, Myuko is the best roomate in life. She brought me back candy from her trip to Disneyland. I mean, so what I don't understand anything she says to me and I just nod and smile...she's still the light of my life.

I also vouch for The Surreal Life over Real World...Flavor Flav is cracking my a** up every time he speaks. And Jordan looks better with the extra weight, I think. I also still think we should all keep pushing Shivani to hit the Real World, even if we hate the show. A hard-partying subcontinental from Alabama? Demographic genius!

Don't you still owe us a story about elementary school children?

The "We Built This City on Burritos and Crime" is pure genius. A true lol moment.

God, how much do you LOVE michaelfranks.com?? In my English class today, I had to write a desciptive paragraph about a screwdriver. I'd say you win.
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