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Monday, August 30, 2004


One of Them Days

I didn't so a darn thing today and enjoyed it for the most part. I did decide that I need a new addiction. You see, during the summer I was addicted to heroin and the SIMS DELUXE ADDITION. But now that school's about to start, I could use a habit. Everything's so cliche now. I mean, alcoholism-so 2001! Maybe instead I'll just get a ultra-hip new spiritual bag. I could be into that Kaballah thing, yo! Everybody's doing it-Madonna, Britney, Stone Phillips (still getting the official ruling on that). And I mean, I AM a celeb in my own right. Hell, I'm that kazoo girl. I'll start that tomorrow-oooooh, no! I can't because I'm going into the city tomorrow. I need to drop off some papers at New College. Oh well....
I've also decided that my ultimate goal in life is not to be on "The Real World" anymore. It's sad but true. If I get stuck on a bad season (meaning one without a token black guy that everyone hates or a girl with a southern drawl), my entire identity is ruined for the rest of my life. Instead, I want to be on "Big Brother." Oh how I loooove that show. It's as real as you get besides "Cheaters" (that's a joke, by the way). If you're not a fan, become one. You're not too late because Karen is still on there and she's almost as important to me as my beloved Coral...wait, what am I saying?

I have two things to say in this comment:

1) I was so totally addicted to the Sims as well. That's why I took it off of my computer before I came to school. I knew I would never get anything done if I had access to it.

2) Did you know that in the picture you have at the top of you blog, the one with all the colored kazoos, there is not a single kazoo that is orange? The irony of it all.
Yes! That's why I chose that very picture! There was another one with an orange kazoo...but I thought,"There can't be an orange kazoo in the picture! My Blog IS the orange kazoo!" Glad you noticed. Leave it to you, Elise...leave it to you.
Crazy Old Elise. She's always good for a laugh....
NO REALWORLD?! This is just craz talk jill. You could be a classic mellissa...nothing was wrong with her? Except she had a couple of problems and like to freak everyone...but thats not a big deal. I sadly gave up on the real world dream recently as well...since san diego ? (whatever that boring season was) had an asian that was boring as hell...I think I've given up on being THA token brown folk! i think its easy to assume that the brown folk would not make a scene. Whatever show you get on jill..I'll be watching ya..till then take care!
I know, Shiv. I know. The problem on San Diego was that they all loved each other so much. I mean, after Frankie left, everybody just hugged and played Bingo. But Shivani, they NEED you! No one like you has ever graced an MTV casting call. Don't give up the fight sister!
Man, what if I, PADRE, tried out for the RW (with my given hatred for people in general and all things MTV)? I'm thinking good television, but could I handle it?

my life goal is to climb the free mason ladder
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