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The Orange Kazoo : Lost in Starvation...

Sunday, August 29, 2004


Lost in Starvation...

I don't like sushi at all. I think I shall die in this place...in this place where everyone eats sushi. There is no Golden Corral here...no Waffle House...no hope.


How can you not like sushi? There is such a thing as taking the "urban" too far, you know. Give it another chance--eat some maguro (tuna). It is the rum n' coke of sushi--everybody likes it!

Actually, I don't much care for rum n' coke, but you get the analogy I'm going for here.

I know...I know...but I had a bad sushi experience. It's not that I hate sushi as a whole...just that one event, which has unfortunately made me bitter towards the entire race of sushi. That makes me a sushi racist, doesn't it?
take refuge in your sprouts, why don't you? vegetarians are dumb....

NO SUSHI?! Well I can see the predicament..one bad experience can really effect you. My suggestion? try a spicy tuna roll...the spiceness and rice mask the whole idea of it being sushi! I had a bad cheeto experience one...and vowed to never eat it again...till one day i did..AND I"M HOOOKED! so you see? maybe this might be the thing you get hooked on!
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