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Saturday, August 28, 2004



I forgot to put the ad of the day. The ad of the day is this thing I'm going to do on this blog where I post an ad from the Bay Area papers that sounds funny. Sort of like a Late Show thing only with more estrogen and less commentary from a sax player from my Late Show band.


Urine, blood, hair follicle or saliva.

Here's another one just to start the week off right:


Slippery Nipples, Screaming Orgasms, and 159 other great cocktails. Get a sexy new career in 2 weeks at...SF SCHOOL OF BARTENDING
Lowest tuition in SF! Attend an intro class for FREE! 760 Market Street (Next to the Virgin Megastore)

There are many things funny about that last one. One of them being the fact that after all that sexual innuendo, it's located next door to VIRGIN Megastore. And who refers to a job as a bartender as a "sexy new career" or whatever? Plus, they feel the need to mention the fact that they have the cheapest tuition in San Francisco. I guess the hell so! Man...

Jill! Riki sounds like a pretty bangin' guy. I want a 35 year old transvestite prostitute friend. He sounds very interesting. Take a picture of him and post it on here. That would be bangin'.
Jill! Great to see your back in the blog business. You better post regularly. Hope you're having fun in San Fransisco.
Hey Jill! Very glad you are back to entertain us all, even if from far away!
Maggie, my lass! Glad to see you're a fan!
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